Things are progressing well at our end, and we are now in a position to share more information about the implementation of our new booking system.

As discussed, all of our childcare bookings from January 2024 will now be dealt with via our new online platform, giving parents full access of their bookings and payments.

What is changing

Account: You will be able to create your account and will be able to make or cancel bookings, access past booking details and payment history 24/7. You will also have full control of yours, and your children information, including health care plans, emergency contact details, authorised collectors and communication preferences.

Bookings: You will have full flexibility when making your bookings instead of filling forms, sending emails or calling us.

Payments: You will be able spread the cost of your booking with a monthly instalment plans. This only applies to booking that last over 34 days, and your payment plan will be of the same duration as the booking.

Your payments will be equal every month, making it easy to budget your expenses. It works a little bit like your utility bills, you pay the same amount every month regardless of how much you consume, the only difference is that there won’t be any adjustment at the end of the period as these will happen in real time; If you cancel or add dates to an existing booking your monthly payments will automatically be adjusted to reflect the cost difference. 

Childcare voucher and TFC: You will be able to integrate the element of Childcare voucher and TFC at the point of booking. The system will then give you the balance to pay based on how much you are planning to pay with the tax-free scheme. You will still need to instruct your childcare voucher or Tax Free scheme to pay us.

Where to find your account

You can create your account by going to the link:

Simply click the button ‘Create an account’, you can use the Help? Section on the top right hand-side of the website and follow the process described in the relevant sections. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to create your account and add your children details, and we swear you will never have to fill in a paper form ever again!

We would be grateful if you could complete your registration and add your children to the system by as soon as possible.

Our activities will be published for booking ahead of each school term. We will send you further guidance closer to that date. Please do note that any bookings before Christmas must be made on the previous booking system. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on or speak to a member of our team.

Thank you for your cooperation.